1997 Saab 900S, 2.3L, Auto, Non-turbo, 177K miles
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Maintenance cost since 3/2002, 50K miles
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Maintenance/Repair photos:

Koni Sportpackage suspension upgrade
Polyurethane bushings upgrade
Drive shaft rebuild - CV joints, Boll joints, Rubber boots

Brake booster replacement
Car wash - buffering+waxing
Cooling system - hoses, waterpump,thermostat ...
Starter replacement
Battery cable replacement
Brake light bulb on the trunk lid
Spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap and roter
Oxygen sensor
Power antenna mast replacement


1983 Mercedes Benz(w123) 300D Turbo Disel, 270K mi
   Axel replacement
   Belt replacement

   1982 Mercedes Benz(W123) 240D manual 4speed
1974 Mercedes Benz 240D(W115) Disel, 140K km(Euro) manual 4speed
   Brake vaccum hose
   Battery terminal maintenance
2008 BMW E60 M5
1994 VW Golf MK3, 204,000mi
   Engine head rebuild -195K mi(6/2008)
    Head gasket replacement - disassembly
   putting all together(6/2008)
2000 Land Rover Discovery II, 99,000 mi
    Engine Head rebuild and head gasket replacement - 80K mi(7/08)
    Prop shaft U-joints replacement
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1976 Kawasaki KH500 - 500cc, 2stroke, 3cylinder - sold
1976 Honda CB750 - sold
1997 Ducati Monster750 - 750cc, 2cylinder desmo engine - sold
2001 Ducati 996 - 996cc, 2cylinder desmo engine
2004 BMW K1200S - 1200cc, 4cylinder
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